What Is a Profile Essay?

At some point while journeying through the internet for answers, we’ve all come across several profile essays even if we may not have noticed. Some common essay writing styles are how to essays, definitive guides, or essays telling you everything about so and so. Irrespective of the form they take, these types of essays are categorically referred to as profile essays.

Now that all that has been established, let’s examine the question, what is a profile essay?

Profile Essay Definition

A profile essay is an essay written to provide a description of a person, place, concept, thing. It is a descriptive form of writing that aims at providing as much detail as possible on a particular topic.

Even if it is usually mistaken for other types of writing, including biographies and autobiographies, a profile essay differs from these other options by word length. While biographies and autobiographies provide a detailed description of a person’s life, profile essays only center on short topical descriptions. In other words, while a person can make a book out of a biography, a profile essay is ideal for bios, profile descriptions, and the likes.

Although a profile essay is not as overly detailed as a biography, it is written to pass across short bursts of comprehensive information. This makes it an ideal choice for journalism students and interviewers because it allows a good enough exploration of a particular topic.

When writing a profile essay, it is important to keep in mind the possible questions that may come up and address them. You must have taken note that some blogs usually append a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to their content, usually at the end of a profile essay. This gives the reader the required information that they need to understand the topic in question.

Some Points to Note When Writing a Profile Essay

The most valuable tip to remember when writing a profile essay is to have an outline. Whether you’re writing a short description for an “About” page or an interview, you need an outline. Among other things, your outline will guide you as you write, and keep your work orderly.

When brainstorming on an outline for your profile essay, remember the following:

  1. Spatial Order is Often Your Best Bet

This means kicking off with a description of facts, figures, appearance, etc. of the topic or person. For example, if you’re writing on how to care for pottery, you can start by talking about some types of pottery. After that, you can talk about some general rules one should follow when taking care of pottery.

  1. Stick to a Particular Theme for Each Paragraph

This will help you add as many details as possible, and you’ll be able to answer many of your readers’ questions.

  1. Remember Your Transitive Words

Seeing how important it is to stick to a theme per paragraph, using the right transitive words will provide seamless transitions.

  1. Organize Your Points and Facts Chronologically

If you’re describing a professional or celebrity, you can start with when they started, and some of their notable achievements. This will help ease you and your readers into a level of familiarity with your subject of discussion.


Profile essays work both to help your readers understand your topic and get a clear picture. In that case, you must show them that you feel something about the topic. If you’re tasked with writing about a topic or person you dislike, here’s what you need to remember; find an aspect that you wouldn’t mind talking about, and delve in. Make it descriptive and informative.