101 Fresh and Interesting Profile Essay Topics

Finding the right profile essay topics is perhaps the most important aspect of writing a profile essay. Seamless profile writing ideas come when, as a writer, you constantly draw inspiration from your topic. This means constantly conducting guided research on as many good profile essay topics you can find.

Whether you’re a college level student or a high school student, the Internet is replete with good profile essay topic ideas for you. You just need the right keywords, something that you should emphasize on in your essays.

To guide you on your research, you need to have at least two good profile essay topics to choose from. If you don’t already have profile essay topics, we’ve included some topics to write a profile essay on.

Good Topics to Write a Profile Essay On

The following topics are guaranteed to give you a steady flow of profile essay ideas, so read on.

  1. Patriotism and what it means to you.
  2. The events that led to the Great Depression.
  3. Christopher Columbus: a hero or a villain.
  4. Isaac Newton and his love for thermodynamics.
  5. The water-diamond paradox.
  6. The law of diminishing returns.
  7. A day that changed the course of your life.
  8. A day that changed the course of your career.
  9. Calamity Jane: was it more than just a story?
  10. The impact of drug abuse on the brain.
  11. The psychology of addiction.
  12. Factors that precipitate the development of addictive traits.
  13. The role of familial support in overcoming an addiction.
  14. Developmental psychology.
  15. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytical theory.
  16. The humanistic approach to developmental psychology.
  17. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.
  18. A closer look at Erik Erikson’s stages of development.
  19. The feasibility of constructing a Utopian society.
  20. The causes of inflation.
  21. The demand and supply chain.
  22. A day where you met someone famous.
  23. Insight into the Life of Adolph Hitler
  24. Role Models and why they inspire you
  25. Dog’s as Man’s Most Loyal companion
  26. The Joining of Violence and Attachment: A study of Hannibal Lecter
  27. Communication between Birds
  28. Egyptian Origins: How it appeared and the mystery surrounding it
  29. Facebook Orientation for new users
  30. Story Behind France: Why it is the Most Romantic Country
  31. What Should a Father Figure Be?
  32. Why specific Chocolates stand out
  33. People who join law enforcement
  34. Why people become nurses
  35. How people create Racial profiles
  36. Why Halloween is a beloved holiday
  37. Serial Rapists: The Reason Behind the Violence
  38. Embodiments of Empathy and Rationality
  39. Causes of Volatile Temperaments
  40. Surgeon Personality types
  41. Into the Life of History’s Psychopaths
  42. Features and Observations of Friends and family
  43. Facts and Fable: A study of Queen Victoria
  44. Students Who choose Astrology as a major
  45. Basketball Coaches and their impact on teams
  46. Haiti: Background, Aid and Future prospects
  47. Richest Women in the world
  48. Cold cases left unsolved
  49. Why Germany has War Museums
  50. The least remembered Landmarks in history
  51. People’s Obsessions and Why they have them
  52. Personal Interviews with Local nurses
  53. Profile of drug addicts and people most likely to become addicts
  54. An in-depth study of COVID-19 and its variants
  55. Why women get breast implants
  56. Past Presidents of America and their contributions
  57. Wedding traditions that haven’t changed
  58. Profile from a popular TV Show Actor
  59. Babies born with birthmarks
  60. Dolce and Gabbana’s success story
  61. Actors that took their roles too far and paid dearly for it
  62. How Preferential treatment can shape a child and their perceptions as they grow
  63. Some orreversoble Dangers of Religious Fanaticism
  64. Social Deviants: the economic importance of delinquents and deviants
  65. How Fish Think
  66. The Mind of Sailors: Why they love the sea
  67. Considering things from different places and understanding how Slavery was Abolished
  68. Why Children play with Sand
  69. Horror Stories: The great minds behind them
  70. Ethical concerns and objections in the development of embryonic stem cell transplanting
  71. CRISPR: its origins, the journey so far, and what the future holds for it
  72. Environmental-friendly replacement for plastic materials around the house
  73. The adverse effects of plastic waste on the environment and the globe at large
  74. Understanding the universe and the galaxies beyond ours
  75. Some easy, effective physiological hacks to use on the male gender
  76. The birth of musics and it’s development across multiple cultures
  77. The effects of superhero movies on the mindset of an average American teenagers and youths
  78. Some outstanding lost treasures from ancient Greece
  79. How to successfully change ones mindset from self doubt to self love
  80. Solace and Equinox: A general understanding of the global phenomenon from different points on the globe
  81. The wonderful world of microbes and microscopic organisms right under our noses
  82. Some worthy causes to argue for as an advocate
  83. Social media and the social implication of virtual socialization amongst youths
  84. Some tips and ways to help increase the acceptance of technology amongst elderly people
  85. Some tips to helping someone navigate through life and achieve their dreams against all odds
  86. Some wonderful unknown facts about trees
  87. The growth and advancement in technology along the last 100 years
  88. Some safe, simple and super fun tricks to perform at a children’s party.
  89. Some healthy ways to handle or cope with heart break
  90. How to survive a zombie apocalypse
  91. Colour combination and it’s use in psychology and therapy.
  92. Some ways and means to apply to curb a city wide increase in crime rate
  93. The non-predatorial adaptation of house hold pets.
  94. Interesting animals to look out for when on a vacation in Kenya
  95. The full extent of poaching and the animals that have gone extinct from poaching
  96. Some remarkable court cases that changed the legal system
  97. Unsanctioned experiments performed on prisoners of war
  98. How to make comedy skits way more fun
  99. The worlds beyond and before. Understanding life and death
  100. The difference and similarities between Resurrection and Reincarnation
  101. The origin of the game of champions: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Bonus Topics:

  1. The role of mobile games as a strategy to help tackle societal problems
  2. A normal day in the life of an astronaut
  3. How to create a self sufficient ecosystem
  4. The origins of punctuation points in the English language
  5. How to preserve history in the event of a nuclear Holocaust
  6. How capitalism and socialism have ruined the world.
  7. Law enforcement practices to safe guard your community
  8. Financial decisions to navigate through adulthood
  9. Baby steps: a guide to parenting
  10. How not to fall for internet scams.


As promised, 101 interesting profile essay topics (and some bonus questions) for you to choose from that would surely help you hone in your focus. Without a doubt, the above topics are guaranteed to help you explore your writing prowess. Feel free to modify any topic as you see fit.

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